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Evaluating Public Relations Programmes

Public Relations is by nature intangible, assigning a value to its activities is difficult. However, we can deploy certain indicative measurement criteria to evaluate the effectiveness of public relations programmes. At Capital-Plus International, we use the following dimensions for evaluation:

Effective Planning - The first step in ensuring that PR programmes are effective is in correctly identifying the PR objectives and target audiences to be reached. We aim towards identifying objectives that are realistic and measurable.

Audience Coverage - This aspect addresses whether the intended audiences were reached and to what extent each target audience was exposed to the various messages. This is incumbent upon identifying media and communication channels and tools that are relevant to the target audience being addressed. A quantitative analysis of audience coverage is done by analyzing media coverage based on key message delivery and readership data.

Audience Impact - PR is gauged by pre & post program audience surveys. We recommend undertaking pre- campaign perception audits with target audiences to be addressed and post campaign audits using the same criteria, to evaluate the impact of the campaign in terms of perception shift which ultimately leads to behavior change and preference.